We Live In The Twilight Zone

There comes a point when one deludes themselves into thinking they have heard it all. Then that person realizes just how screwed up EVERYTHING really is!

Lets take tobacco. It has been proven both clinically and anecdotally that using tobacco causes all sorts of health issues including but not limited to heart disease and cancer.
Besides being taxed out the roof, the FDA allows this product to be sold as long as a warning label is attached.
While not a smoker myself, I feel like it is a person’s choice what they want to put into their bodies.

Now what gets me is this story about the FDA. The same agency that allows people to intentionally give themselves cancer, is preventing people from choosing how they wish to fight the cancer.
The FDA claims that Leatrile causes cyanide poisoning. To me that isn’t a viable reason for outlawing such treatments if only because the people using the treatment ARE ALREADY DYING!

So the real question should be, does Leatrile work? The matter is up for debate. According to the above article, there is anecdotal evidence it does. However, this article claims that there is no clinical evidence to support it’s effectiveness.

Who to believe? If you go with anecdotal success stories, it is important to remember that people can lie. Maliciously or through omission. If you go with clinical trials, it is important to remember that the pharmaceutical companies are in it to make money, and not above lying to do it. Remember the ongoing Merck debacle. They are accused of lying about the effectiveness of their vaccines.

Of course the validity of alternative cancer treatments really isn’t the issue. The FDA shutting down people’s choices for treating a disease that can be caused by a product they knowingly allow to be sold is the problem.

Ultimately, what allows the tobacco industry to thrive is the freedom for people to choose what they put in their bodies. To allow the problem but limit the solution is crazy.

I’m still waiting to be told I’ve entered the Twilight Zone.


Why is This Necessary?

I’ve not gone into the Sandy Hook shooting yet as there is too much crap floating around I don’t know what to believe. Adam Lanza did it, he didn’t do it, he died the day before, he never existed, his mom worked there, she didn’t, Ryan Lanza did it, he didn’t, there were multiple shooters, he fired over 100 times, he used handguns, he used an assault rifle. The list goes on but you get my point. No one really knows what happened and the police and Connecticut government don’t seem to care if anyone ever knows.
I’ve spent countless hours researching the Sandy Hoax as some people claim, and all I can tell you for sure is that something happened, maybe. The internet is not the most reliable place to find facts, however this story is legit.
Apparently the Connecticut governor and members of the state house are secretly writing legislation that would keep pretty much all evidence relating to the Sandy Hook shootings under wraps and unattainable to anyone.
The reason is to protect the families of the survivors right to privacy or some hogwash.
Sorry I don’t buy it.
I can understand omitting names of children somewhat, if my child died I wouldn’t want their images and names splattered across the TV and internet. But the rest of it makes no sense.
How is keeping the 911 audio calls buried going to protect anyone? How is showing footage of the front door of the school where Adam Lanza supposedly came in, protecting anyone? How is not releasing the autopsy of the dead shooter protecting anyone? (And for those keeping track of this story on your own, citing an anonymous source with knowledge of the autopsy is not proof of anything nor is it equal to releasing official results)
So why the secrecy? Why, if everything happened as they claim, why add fuel to the conspiracy fires?
Keeping this information secret does nothing but further implicate the government in wrong doing. Not disclosing the truth serves only to make interest in this area more pronounced, and does the exact opposite of protecting the victims families. Put it this way, if my child died in any way, I would want to know EVERY SINGLE SPECK of information. I wouldn’t want any information kept from the press, because when the truth of what happened is revealed, then other people could plan for a similar situation and maybe some other kid won’t die.
But really what the governor of Connecticut is saying is that the conspiracy theorists are right. Sandy Hook didn’t unfold the way they told us. Something else went on that day.
The only reason a government lies is to protect itself. If they told the truth in the first place, they wouldn’t need to protect themselves.
It’s only necessary to lie, if you’ve done something wrong.

I Can Fix The Healthcare System!

There’s a huge fuss right now over how to implement healthcare reform. The current plan is to implement a grotesquely expensive government mandated health system…aka: Obamacare. But wait! O-bomb-ya said it wouldn’t cost taxpayers anything extra to implement. That should have been a red flag as our current tyrant-in-chief rarely if ever, intentionally tells the truth. Of course Congress was forced to vote for it without reading it so it’s not as if they had any other information to go on. But I’m loosing focus here.

Truth is, fixing the healthcare system is really very easy. It wouldn’t cost the taxpayers anything to implement, however, it would cost Congress millions in lobbyist gifts. But don’t worry about them, they have health insurance and retirement for life.

But now without furthur ado, my 3 step healthcare reform.

1) Eliminate the power the GMO companies have. Stop letting corporate lawyers write laws that keep them out of trouble from their products that cause harm to both people and the environment. As an increasing number of studies show, genetically modified foods are being linked to all sorts of diseases from cancer to hermaphrodites in animals. There hasn’t been any real test results from human consumption yet, however when something is bad for animals, more times than not, it’s bad for humans. Get rid of the genetically modified foods and many forms of health problems would most likely decline.
One of the main factors in this area is aspertame and other artificial sweeteners. Aspertame is found in all sorts of things like diet soda and candy. And now they are trying to add it to milk and dairy products as a hidden ingredient. Aspertame turns to formaldehyde above certain temperatures first off. Second it is linked to cancer and diabetes, and is worse for diabetics than the sugar it replaces. Read up on it. Protest it. Get rid of it!

2) Stop immunizations and water flouridation. See all those fun little shots we give our children so they can go to school are filled with all sorts of great things like, lead, aluminum, mercury. And so on. But wait! You want my kid to get sick with mumps you say? Not at all, but the powers that be really don’t care if your kids get sick or not. See about a year ago, 2 class action lawsuits against Merck (the makers of the mumps vaccine) were filed. Both have to do with Merck claiming the vaccine was 99% effective when actually it was nowhere near that. Litigation is ongoing but the company is duplicitus in what remarks it makes. Ok so maybe I’m reaching about vaccines, but flouride now. Read on. Well, flouride was originally pumped into the water by those champions of human rights, the nazis. They used it to sterilize inmates. It’s also used in Prozac and Sarin nerve gas. It’s been shown to cause many health problems, including weight gain and lower IQ.
Many cities across the United States have been fighting to ban this chemical in the water supplies.
Governments everywhere love dumb people. Makes it easier to lie to their people.

3) My personal favorite. Get rid of insurance for everything but major medical. To my knowledge, the medical industry is the ONLY industry that the service providers don’t know how much they charge for their services. The insurance companies tell the doctors how much to charge and then tell us how much our premiums are. That is just crazy to me. Or am I crazy? Take the insurance companies out of the equation. Doctors would be forced to tell the consumer up front how much things would cost. If they don’t like it, the consumer has the choice of going somewhere else. Putting that kind of power into the hands of the consumers is what lowers costs on just about everything.

All three of these ideas need to be implemented together. Seperately they won’t amount to anything. The moral of the story is this….

O-bomb-ya wants to charge the taxpayers trillions of dollars, when the government is poisoning us and/or allowing people to poison us using food and water. So instead of enacting expensive and overly expansive healthcare ‘reform’, wouldn’t it just make more sense to QUIT FREAKING POISONING US!?!? Just saying.

(Not running guns to Mexican drug cartels and al qaeda rebels and quitting CIA production of heroin in Afghanistan probably wouldn’t hurt either but those are topics for another time.)

Join the continental Congress and start taking back our Liberties and Lives!

Boston Bombing and the End of Our Right To Trial

The Boston Marathon bombings were indeed a tragedy. No one can deny that. But what victims are we really mourning?

Yes there are many unanswered questions about the bombing. I will go into that in another post. What I want to address is what is happening to our criminal justice system.

The 6th amendment addresses the natural born right to be tried by a jury of peers. What that fundamentally is, is protection against being convicted and sentenced of a crime without evidence. It’s the backbone of our court system. It’s there so that a government can’t just execute people on a whim.

Now. Did the Boston Bombing occur because the two brothers set off bombs? I don’t know. I wasn’t there. I do know that the police found them guilty and sentenced them to death based on the FBI saying they were guilty.

Wait. The cops didn’t kill the older brother brother? They claim the younger brother ran him over. Well there are witnesses that say the cops had him on the ground, shot him full of bullet holes and then ran him over. Is this true? Again, I don’t know.

And the younger brother? He’s still alive! But to me that just shows the ineptitude of the Boston Police. According to videos and witnesses, the cops shot 100’s of bullets into the boat where the guy was hiding. 100’s. They weren’t trying to subdue him. They were trying to assassinate him. There’s no other reason for that many rounds when.I couple cans Airsoft tear gas would have done just fine.

SELF DEFENSE! Of course the cops were just protecting themselves! However, in the case of the younger brother, this is completely unfounded. There was no weapon in or around the boat.

Before I go on, I just want to say that I have the deepest respect for police. They put their lives on the line everyday. They don’t get paid nearly enough either. Every cop I have ever met, with the exception of 1 booking officer in the county jail, has been respectful and decent. Do I think the cops in Boston are evil? No. They went into an unknown situation where nerves were tense. Much like when you get a group of protestors that turn into a mob, even law abiding people can be driven to violence. I think that’s what happened. One shot got fired and things just completely escalated out of control. Is it right? No. Explainable? Yes.

Now. There were a bunch of things tied to the brothers. The bomb, resisting arrest, assaulting police, fleeing, carjacking. Did they do any of them? Again I don’t know. We will probably never know. The media has already convicted him. Guilty as charged.

My problem with all of this, the FBI basically put a hit out on 2 American citizens. Besides a large amount of evidence that was completely ignored casting, if not innocence, then doubt on their guilt. And doubt is, as the law states, all that a defense attorney needs to find a defendant not guilty.

Next time you are walking down a street and pass a new car, or in a store think about this. With the precedent being set by the Boston Bombings, you can be convicted and sentenced with attempting to steal a car, or shoplifting or any other crime, just for being in the wrong place. Regardless of evidence. Regardless of your rights. Regardless of your guilt.

Our 6th amendment is what needs to be mourned now.

(For the record, I would mourn the victims if I thought there were any. I’m convinced this was a fake event. If I’m wrong then I’m sorry. I don’t think I am. Evidence to support this opinion later in another post.)

Freedom For All

My name is Todd Geckman. I am an ordinary man. I have no ivy league degrees, I’ve never been top of my class or employee of the year. Even my bowling average is just that, average.

What I do have though is a family. A family that I love more than anything else on this planet. I had plenty of opportunities that I admittedly squandered growing up. They were mistakes I made and live with to this day. I want my children to have those same opportunities.

Sadly, with the way the world is going and the way our government is quickly destroying our freedoms, I’m afraid my children won’t have the chance to learn from my mistakes. Or even to make their own.

I often ask myself what can be done to fix things. I never seem to have an answer. Truth is I really don’t know. Like I said, I’m not a genious. I can’t even claim to be an idiot savant. But I feel the need to do something. This blog is that.

There is sooo much happening in the United States of America right now. The people should be taking to the streets and marching on DC. However, we as a nation have been led to believe that our elected officials have our best interests at heart. We as a nation have allowed a corrupt and evil cabal take over our freedom and soon our lives.

Harsh words I know. In the following months I will attempt to expand on what I have just said. I will cite examples, post links and try to give as much evidence for why I believe as I do. These are my opinions for sure, but I base them on research.

Do I want my opinions to be right? Sometimes. Especially when arguing with my wife! Seriously though, the stuff I will discuss…most of it scares me. I want desperately to be wrong. But I don’t think I am.

I want to hear other people’s opinions. I want to have mutually respectful debates about this stuff. If you agree with me I want you to take what I write and show it to other people. Spread the word. People need to wake up to the crimes being committed against us.

If you don’t agree with me, then tell me why. Show me contradictory evidence. Ease my fears that this great country ISN’T sliding quickly into tyranny.

Most of all, keep an open mind and an open heart. (that means trolls stay under your bridges.)

Remember, through peace comes prosperity.

Know that when the sleeping giant that is the American populace wakes up, we CAN and WILL prosper under our natural born rights, liberties and freedoms.

Todd Geckman