Boston Bombing and the End of Our Right To Trial

The Boston Marathon bombings were indeed a tragedy. No one can deny that. But what victims are we really mourning?

Yes there are many unanswered questions about the bombing. I will go into that in another post. What I want to address is what is happening to our criminal justice system.

The 6th amendment addresses the natural born right to be tried by a jury of peers. What that fundamentally is, is protection against being convicted and sentenced of a crime without evidence. It’s the backbone of our court system. It’s there so that a government can’t just execute people on a whim.

Now. Did the Boston Bombing occur because the two brothers set off bombs? I don’t know. I wasn’t there. I do know that the police found them guilty and sentenced them to death based on the FBI saying they were guilty.

Wait. The cops didn’t kill the older brother brother? They claim the younger brother ran him over. Well there are witnesses that say the cops had him on the ground, shot him full of bullet holes and then ran him over. Is this true? Again, I don’t know.

And the younger brother? He’s still alive! But to me that just shows the ineptitude of the Boston Police. According to videos and witnesses, the cops shot 100’s of bullets into the boat where the guy was hiding. 100’s. They weren’t trying to subdue him. They were trying to assassinate him. There’s no other reason for that many rounds when.I couple cans Airsoft tear gas would have done just fine.

SELF DEFENSE! Of course the cops were just protecting themselves! However, in the case of the younger brother, this is completely unfounded. There was no weapon in or around the boat.

Before I go on, I just want to say that I have the deepest respect for police. They put their lives on the line everyday. They don’t get paid nearly enough either. Every cop I have ever met, with the exception of 1 booking officer in the county jail, has been respectful and decent. Do I think the cops in Boston are evil? No. They went into an unknown situation where nerves were tense. Much like when you get a group of protestors that turn into a mob, even law abiding people can be driven to violence. I think that’s what happened. One shot got fired and things just completely escalated out of control. Is it right? No. Explainable? Yes.

Now. There were a bunch of things tied to the brothers. The bomb, resisting arrest, assaulting police, fleeing, carjacking. Did they do any of them? Again I don’t know. We will probably never know. The media has already convicted him. Guilty as charged.

My problem with all of this, the FBI basically put a hit out on 2 American citizens. Besides a large amount of evidence that was completely ignored casting, if not innocence, then doubt on their guilt. And doubt is, as the law states, all that a defense attorney needs to find a defendant not guilty.

Next time you are walking down a street and pass a new car, or in a store think about this. With the precedent being set by the Boston Bombings, you can be convicted and sentenced with attempting to steal a car, or shoplifting or any other crime, just for being in the wrong place. Regardless of evidence. Regardless of your rights. Regardless of your guilt.

Our 6th amendment is what needs to be mourned now.

(For the record, I would mourn the victims if I thought there were any. I’m convinced this was a fake event. If I’m wrong then I’m sorry. I don’t think I am. Evidence to support this opinion later in another post.)


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