Freedom For All

My name is Todd Geckman. I am an ordinary man. I have no ivy league degrees, I’ve never been top of my class or employee of the year. Even my bowling average is just that, average.

What I do have though is a family. A family that I love more than anything else on this planet. I had plenty of opportunities that I admittedly squandered growing up. They were mistakes I made and live with to this day. I want my children to have those same opportunities.

Sadly, with the way the world is going and the way our government is quickly destroying our freedoms, I’m afraid my children won’t have the chance to learn from my mistakes. Or even to make their own.

I often ask myself what can be done to fix things. I never seem to have an answer. Truth is I really don’t know. Like I said, I’m not a genious. I can’t even claim to be an idiot savant. But I feel the need to do something. This blog is that.

There is sooo much happening in the United States of America right now. The people should be taking to the streets and marching on DC. However, we as a nation have been led to believe that our elected officials have our best interests at heart. We as a nation have allowed a corrupt and evil cabal take over our freedom and soon our lives.

Harsh words I know. In the following months I will attempt to expand on what I have just said. I will cite examples, post links and try to give as much evidence for why I believe as I do. These are my opinions for sure, but I base them on research.

Do I want my opinions to be right? Sometimes. Especially when arguing with my wife! Seriously though, the stuff I will discuss…most of it scares me. I want desperately to be wrong. But I don’t think I am.

I want to hear other people’s opinions. I want to have mutually respectful debates about this stuff. If you agree with me I want you to take what I write and show it to other people. Spread the word. People need to wake up to the crimes being committed against us.

If you don’t agree with me, then tell me why. Show me contradictory evidence. Ease my fears that this great country ISN’T sliding quickly into tyranny.

Most of all, keep an open mind and an open heart. (that means trolls stay under your bridges.)

Remember, through peace comes prosperity.

Know that when the sleeping giant that is the American populace wakes up, we CAN and WILL prosper under our natural born rights, liberties and freedoms.

Todd Geckman


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