I Can Fix The Healthcare System!

There’s a huge fuss right now over how to implement healthcare reform. The current plan is to implement a grotesquely expensive government mandated health system…aka: Obamacare. But wait! O-bomb-ya said it wouldn’t cost taxpayers anything extra to implement. That should have been a red flag as our current tyrant-in-chief rarely if ever, intentionally tells the truth. Of course Congress was forced to vote for it without reading it so it’s not as if they had any other information to go on. But I’m loosing focus here.

Truth is, fixing the healthcare system is really very easy. It wouldn’t cost the taxpayers anything to implement, however, it would cost Congress millions in lobbyist gifts. But don’t worry about them, they have health insurance and retirement for life.

But now without furthur ado, my 3 step healthcare reform.

1) Eliminate the power the GMO companies have. Stop letting corporate lawyers write laws that keep them out of trouble from their products that cause harm to both people and the environment. As an increasing number of studies show, genetically modified foods are being linked to all sorts of diseases from cancer to hermaphrodites in animals. There hasn’t been any real test results from human consumption yet, however when something is bad for animals, more times than not, it’s bad for humans. Get rid of the genetically modified foods and many forms of health problems would most likely decline.
One of the main factors in this area is aspertame and other artificial sweeteners. Aspertame is found in all sorts of things like diet soda and candy. And now they are trying to add it to milk and dairy products as a hidden ingredient. Aspertame turns to formaldehyde above certain temperatures first off. Second it is linked to cancer and diabetes, and is worse for diabetics than the sugar it replaces. Read up on it. Protest it. Get rid of it!

2) Stop immunizations and water flouridation. See all those fun little shots we give our children so they can go to school are filled with all sorts of great things like, lead, aluminum, mercury. And so on. But wait! You want my kid to get sick with mumps you say? Not at all, but the powers that be really don’t care if your kids get sick or not. See about a year ago, 2 class action lawsuits against Merck (the makers of the mumps vaccine) were filed. Both have to do with Merck claiming the vaccine was 99% effective when actually it was nowhere near that. Litigation is ongoing but the company is duplicitus in what remarks it makes. Ok so maybe I’m reaching about vaccines, but flouride now. Read on. Well, flouride was originally pumped into the water by those champions of human rights, the nazis. They used it to sterilize inmates. It’s also used in Prozac and Sarin nerve gas. It’s been shown to cause many health problems, including weight gain and lower IQ.
Many cities across the United States have been fighting to ban this chemical in the water supplies.
Governments everywhere love dumb people. Makes it easier to lie to their people.

3) My personal favorite. Get rid of insurance for everything but major medical. To my knowledge, the medical industry is the ONLY industry that the service providers don’t know how much they charge for their services. The insurance companies tell the doctors how much to charge and then tell us how much our premiums are. That is just crazy to me. Or am I crazy? Take the insurance companies out of the equation. Doctors would be forced to tell the consumer up front how much things would cost. If they don’t like it, the consumer has the choice of going somewhere else. Putting that kind of power into the hands of the consumers is what lowers costs on just about everything.

All three of these ideas need to be implemented together. Seperately they won’t amount to anything. The moral of the story is this….

O-bomb-ya wants to charge the taxpayers trillions of dollars, when the government is poisoning us and/or allowing people to poison us using food and water. So instead of enacting expensive and overly expansive healthcare ‘reform’, wouldn’t it just make more sense to QUIT FREAKING POISONING US!?!? Just saying.

(Not running guns to Mexican drug cartels and al qaeda rebels and quitting CIA production of heroin in Afghanistan probably wouldn’t hurt either but those are topics for another time.)

Join the continental Congress and start taking back our Liberties and Lives!


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