Why is This Necessary?

I’ve not gone into the Sandy Hook shooting yet as there is too much crap floating around I don’t know what to believe. Adam Lanza did it, he didn’t do it, he died the day before, he never existed, his mom worked there, she didn’t, Ryan Lanza did it, he didn’t, there were multiple shooters, he fired over 100 times, he used handguns, he used an assault rifle. The list goes on but you get my point. No one really knows what happened and the police and Connecticut government don’t seem to care if anyone ever knows.
I’ve spent countless hours researching the Sandy Hoax as some people claim, and all I can tell you for sure is that something happened, maybe. The internet is not the most reliable place to find facts, however this story is legit.
Apparently the Connecticut governor and members of the state house are secretly writing legislation that would keep pretty much all evidence relating to the Sandy Hook shootings under wraps and unattainable to anyone.
The reason is to protect the families of the survivors right to privacy or some hogwash.
Sorry I don’t buy it.
I can understand omitting names of children somewhat, if my child died I wouldn’t want their images and names splattered across the TV and internet. But the rest of it makes no sense.
How is keeping the 911 audio calls buried going to protect anyone? How is showing footage of the front door of the school where Adam Lanza supposedly came in, protecting anyone? How is not releasing the autopsy of the dead shooter protecting anyone? (And for those keeping track of this story on your own, citing an anonymous source with knowledge of the autopsy is not proof of anything nor is it equal to releasing official results)
So why the secrecy? Why, if everything happened as they claim, why add fuel to the conspiracy fires?
Keeping this information secret does nothing but further implicate the government in wrong doing. Not disclosing the truth serves only to make interest in this area more pronounced, and does the exact opposite of protecting the victims families. Put it this way, if my child died in any way, I would want to know EVERY SINGLE SPECK of information. I wouldn’t want any information kept from the press, because when the truth of what happened is revealed, then other people could plan for a similar situation and maybe some other kid won’t die.
But really what the governor of Connecticut is saying is that the conspiracy theorists are right. Sandy Hook didn’t unfold the way they told us. Something else went on that day.
The only reason a government lies is to protect itself. If they told the truth in the first place, they wouldn’t need to protect themselves.
It’s only necessary to lie, if you’ve done something wrong.


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