We Live In The Twilight Zone

There comes a point when one deludes themselves into thinking they have heard it all. Then that person realizes just how screwed up EVERYTHING really is!

Lets take tobacco. It has been proven both clinically and anecdotally that using tobacco causes all sorts of health issues including but not limited to heart disease and cancer.
Besides being taxed out the roof, the FDA allows this product to be sold as long as a warning label is attached.
While not a smoker myself, I feel like it is a person’s choice what they want to put into their bodies.

Now what gets me is this story about the FDA. The same agency that allows people to intentionally give themselves cancer, is preventing people from choosing how they wish to fight the cancer.
The FDA claims that Leatrile causes cyanide poisoning. To me that isn’t a viable reason for outlawing such treatments if only because the people using the treatment ARE ALREADY DYING!

So the real question should be, does Leatrile work? The matter is up for debate. According to the above article, there is anecdotal evidence it does. However, this article claims that there is no clinical evidence to support it’s effectiveness.

Who to believe? If you go with anecdotal success stories, it is important to remember that people can lie. Maliciously or through omission. If you go with clinical trials, it is important to remember that the pharmaceutical companies are in it to make money, and not above lying to do it. Remember the ongoing Merck debacle. They are accused of lying about the effectiveness of their vaccines.

Of course the validity of alternative cancer treatments really isn’t the issue. The FDA shutting down people’s choices for treating a disease that can be caused by a product they knowingly allow to be sold is the problem.

Ultimately, what allows the tobacco industry to thrive is the freedom for people to choose what they put in their bodies. To allow the problem but limit the solution is crazy.

I’m still waiting to be told I’ve entered the Twilight Zone.


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