Ain’t Your Fairytale

The people in power in this great country are living in a dream world. Those in D.C. especially have been swindling Americans and getting away with it for far too long. It has become such commonplace, we joke about politicians lying to our faces. It’s as if the whole concept of truth and justice has been turned into a Mel Brooks flick.

I don’t think I have the patience or time to list all the crimes committed by the government, but I don’t have to. Any of these following examples are indicative of a corrupt and self serving entity whose actions can be deemed, at the least traitorous and probably treasonous.

I’ll get the fun one out of the way first. O-bomb-ya has failed to produce any evidence of where he was born. The birth cirtificate posted online has been studied and found fraudulent. Studies are still looking into it. He has been proven to be a CIA asset and his real name is Barry Sotero. Newspapers and news channels around the world have proclaimed him Kenyan. His wife called him Kenyan. And whether he is or isn’t the fact that Congress adamantly REFUSES to investigate this claim and officially and properly vet the person in the oval office is asinine. They don’t care that a foreign person may have infiltrated the highest office in this country, with his own socialist ideals. Congress is accepting of this potential criminal and thus guilty of treason.

And while I’m on the topic of o-bomb-ya let’s review his crimes. First the illegal use of executive power to bypass Congress and go to war. The rules are set up so that he CAN’T do that. How about the recent admission that 4 US citizens were assassinated because of drone strikes. Take away the one who may or may not have been a terrorist (we don’t know because there was never a trial) and that leaves 3 dead citizens that were supposedly protected by their constitutional rights. Then we have the NDAA which basically destroys our 5th AND 6th amendment rights if the government feels like it. Bush signed the original and even though he said he wasn’t going to sign it, o-bomb-ya signed the renewel in secret on new years eve.
Of course, probably his greatest crime is his all out assault on the 2nd amendment. Using dead children to push for greater restrictions on firearms is evil. Especially when NOT A SINGLE LAW designed to make it harder for law abiding citizens short of all out confiscation would have helped the kids at Sandy Hook Elementary school. Furthermore cities like Detroit and Chicago, where gun control laws are the strictest, see the most gun related homicides. In fact, since the assault weapons ban expired, crime has been dropping. Why? Because criminals prefer easy targets!
Now while I commend Congress for not passing stricter gun control laws, they still have failed in there duty to limit the power of the executive branch of the federal government. Being complicit to the destruction of the constitution not only breaks the oath of office members of the federal government swear to, it also makes them guilty of treason.

Since 9/11/01 we’ve been at war with terror. Say what you will about 9/11, whether or not it was a staged attack, it set the stage for our military actions from that point on. They are still using al’qaeda for everything from military justification to TSA goons illegally feeling us up. Everything is blamed on al’qaeda. The same al’qaeda created by the CIA to lure Russia into an unwinnable war in Afghanistan. The same ones we supported to take over Libya and the same ones we are supporting in Syria. Oh yeah, the same al’qaeda we used to protect benghazi.
In 2012 more active duty soldiers committed suicide then were killed in combat. That number has been growing the past few years. Could it be because many of these soldiers joined up because of the propaganda that we were fighting these terrorists, only to find out that we are actually allied with them? Could it be that the whole reason these soldiers use to justify their actions is a lie and they are seeing the truth and can’t handle it? Add in the number of veterans and the number is much higher.
But could you blame the veterans? They put their life on the line for God and country, fight these illegal wars because they are conned into thinking they are doing right. Then they come home and get zero medical care, in an economy with few jobs, get told they are crazy, are stripped of their rights, especially their right to bear arms, which is another example of hypocrisy in government. Teach a soldier to kill in defense of our liberties and constitutional rights and then when his usefullness is over, strip him of his ability to defend HIMSELF.

There are sooooo many others!

Healthcare, allowing tobacco to be sold when it causes cancer, allowing aspertame to be used in food, flouridating the water supply, not only allowing gmo crops and foods (in spite of worldwide bans of those crops) but refusing to label gmo foods so consumers can choose to not buy them, mandating vaccinations to children even though those vaccinations are linked to autism, and then, when we are all sick because of criminal decisions from our so called leaders, we mandate an over the top comprehensive insurance program that is going to do nothing but line the pockets of insurance companies and cost the working class of America a huge chunk of money. ($20,000 for the average family of 4 according to the IRS)

The FBI and the US attorneys office are telling people that they can be prosecuted for antimuslim hate speach, regardless of at least 15 cases in the supreme court where hate speach was protected by the 1st amendment. They used to at least try to hide the lies.

The DHS purchasing bulk ammunition and automatic weapons and armored vehicles to be deployed in case of civil unrest.

Fema operating political reeducation camps on us soil.

The IRS arresting people for not complying with an illegal and “voluntary” tax service.

The Federal Reserve counterfeiting money.

False flag operations such as 9/11, sandy hook, Oklahoma city bombing, Boston Marathon bombing, all done to limit the rights of the people.

The rich get richer, the poor get poorer and the tyrants and monarchs grab more power than ever before.

And while we are trying officials for treason lets go to the states. They have the power. Supposedly. The federal government only has what powers the states cede. Well thanks to poor state management and leadership, the states have become subservient to the feds. Whoring away our rights in exchange for federal monetary assistance. The state governors should be holding the senators accountable and passing laws denying federal authority. But they don’t. Mostly they play along for a few more dollars.

But the end is coming. The people are waking up to the corruption and lies. They are starting to spread the word, to sound the alarm. The government only has what power we give them. They don’t want us to know that. But it’s true. THEY WORK FOR US! They should be bowing down to us, not trampling our rights with make believe power. The ideological revolution is here. It’s growing. It will succeed. And with it will be a worldwide revolution. We have the power to be a shining beacon of freedom and change. WE THE PEOPLE can light the way to the future and guide the rest of the world. Arab spring? How about earth spring as people everywhere realize they too can cast off the shackles of oppression, as they too can take their birthright. The Bill of Rights isn’t limited to the United States. They are the God given rights of EVERY living person, whether those people call their creater, God, Christ, Jehovah, Allah, Zeus, RA, or choose to not call Him at all. THAT is the power our forefathers fought for. That is what inspired this country to exist in the first place! THAT is what our soldiers have voluntary fought and died to protect. As a nation we have turned our backs on EVERY patriot who has sacrificed to defend those freedoms against those who would take them away. Turned our backs and allowed evil to assert it’s authority over us. Maybe We the People need to be held accountable?

For so long this country has been the dream of the world. The shining example of freedom. But it’s lost for now. The illegal governments are living in a fairy-tale where they are the heroes. But they aren’t. What they don’t understand is that this isn’t their fairy-tale. It’s our reality. Our dream. Our hopes. Our future. Our children’s future.


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