Quick thoughts today.

The government wants to look at all our data. They don’t want us to have lawyers. They don’t want us to have privacy.

OK. Well technically WE THE PEOPLE are the bosses right? So let’s start recording their phone calls. Their emails. Let’s detain them without real evidence. Let’s deny them right of due process. Let’s treat them like they treat us….oh wait. That’s illegal.

There have been a number of individuals who have fought the IRS and now live without fear of income tax. How did they do it? Why can’t we do it? And as the constitution states, the federal government has the right to tax the populous as long as that tax is fair and equal. Letting some people not pay while charging others more doesn’t seem fair nor equal to me. Unconstitutional? Just a bit I would say.

The war of terror is bogus. Much like the war on drugs, it is and will be used to criminalize a large portion of the population needlessly. Criminals lose rights even after a sentence is complete. If we are all criminals we don’t need to worry about that pesky bill of rights.

Back to the war on drugs. I’ve never so much as taken a hit or marijuana, much less anything hardcore and yet I need to stand with the druggies. As much damage as drugs do to a person and the family, what we choose to put in our bodies is our choice.
And it’s hypocritical of the government to allow tobacco which kills all the same because they can tax the crap out of it, and alcohol which is in many many cases worse than Mary Jane. Oh and then FORCE us to receive immunizations that don’t work and have been linked to autism, fluoride in water, and then refuse to mandate labeling on food products on GMO foods.

So supposedly flying a plane into a building twice (3 if you count the pentagon…I don’t) is terrorism, and yet drone strikes on innocent people around the world isn’t? (Just to be nice I’ll say 1 in 3 drone kills is a terrorist though it’s more like 1 in 5) Arming terrorists to topple foreign governments to avoid that whole congressional act of war vote thing isn’t? Personally I think the largest terrorist cell in the world is DC.

From here on out, all federal agencies and the people who work for them shall collectively be known as Orwellian pigs. Not to insult the real life barn animals but to compare them with the pigs from Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’. “All animals are created equal, but some are more equal than others.” Is the famous quote and if you look at the actions of our alphabetically addicted government agencies ie; FBI, CIA, NSA,TSA, DHS, FDA, CDC, IRS, POTUS, FLOTUS, SCOTUS, and USUK SCROTUM, then you begin to see how these ’employees of the people’ think of themselves as more ‘equal’ than the rest of us. Screw the unions, fire them all.


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