I Am In Shock!

In what is becoming a rare case of common sense from our judicial system, the SCOTUS (supreme court for those alphabetically ignorant) ruled against Myriad Genetics Inc. being able to patent human DNA.
Why is this good? Besides the fact that it doesn’t make sense to me how someone could patent a part of my body. It’s mine. I was born with it. They had nothing to do with it. And my opinion is reflected in the UNANIMOUS decision. As Justice Clarence Thomas wrote in the court opinion. DNA can’t be patented because it is a product of nature.
So what does this mean? Well since a patent is government granting ownership, denying a patent in our DNA just confirms what most people take for granted. That we are our own person. We are not property. This country fought a civil war over this issue. WE CAN’T BE OWNED. No matter how much the Orwellian pigs want us to believe we are their property, the Supreme Court of The United States of America just ruled that we are the owners of our own being.
Taking it further, if we are our own property, then that means that NOBODY has the right or ability to tell us what we can or can’t do to ourselves. Which does re-affirm our rights to be able to remove fluoride from our water, tell the vaccine companies and there government lap dogs we are no longer going to give our children autism, use medicinal marijuana instead of the MORE addicting prescription drugs, seek out alternative cancer treatments, and not become victims of GMO poisoning. Why? Because as Billy Joel sings, “this is my life.” I’m not owned by the government. I’m not owned by corporations. I’m not a sheep offering my throat to the Orwellian pigs and the NWO attack dogs.
And nobody else is either. Unless they don’t stand up for what is right.

The Supreme Court has, most likely, inadvertently given us the legal power to take back our individual rights the elitist Orwellian pigs have been stealing from us.

Ultimately the choice to serve or not to serve is ours to make. It is up to US to make it, not anyone else. When we lose our liberty, there is NOBODY else left to give it back to us.


2 thoughts on “I Am In Shock!

  1. Todd, that was beautifully stated. Your logic was excellent (although I would be shocked if the government would see the precedent they just set to it’s logical conclusion). All in all an excellent piece. Keep posting!

    • Thank you Denis! I appreciate the kind words. While I write this mostly to vent my own frustrations, it’s nice to know some of what I say makes sense to others. I’ve heard through the ‘Knippenberg Institute for Pop-Culture Knowledge’ that you yourself have a vlog floating around. Anyplace other than iTunes that I may be able to tune in?

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