Zimmerman’s Life Is Over

OK. So Zimmerman got set free. Thanks to the media and Obombya, he will never be able to live a normal life again.
The powers that be turned a nothing case into a firestorm of racial tension that has come damn close to tearing the people of this nation apart.

Make no mistake, I don’t think it’s OK that anyone gets killed ever. Especially a child. But what was so special about this case?

Truthfully? Nothing. Except everyone thought Zimmerman was white. There were over 500 people murdered in Chicago last year. Including many younger than Trayvon. (Who would have been tried as an adult by the way had the roles been reversed) But we really don’t hear much about that because most of the perpetrators are black.

That’s not me being racist, it’s just the truth. The elites are purposely trying to split us apart. Why? Because in a nation with 316 million people, it wouldn’t matter how many drones, or guns the government had. If we all came together to demand our God given rights, they couldn’t stop us. Divide and conquer so to speak.

Maybe if the media played up EVERY murder as much as the Trayvon Martin one, then there would be more public outcry against real threats, like the gangs controlling the cities.

Zimmerman will be haunted for what he did, and most likely stalked by angry people for the foreseeable future. He may be alive but his life is over.

On a darker note read this. Children being murdered is a way more common occurrence than it should be. We just don’t ever hear about it unless it advances the government’s agenda.

I’m not sure what the biggest tragedy is, the murder of children, or the politicising of death by a government who really doesn’t give a shit.


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