So according to the slight majority of our House of Non-representing representatives, all Americans can be communicating with terrorists. Which of course is why the Amash amendment limiting the funding to the NSA did not pass.

Of course if the definition of terrorist is someone who uses terror to obtain a goal, usually political or religious in nature, then I contend our government is the biggest terroristic threat out there.

Thousands of innocent people killed in drone strikes across the world, including countries we are ‘allied’ with, spreading fear of government shut downs, creating panic with FEMA and FBI ‘drills’ like those in Boston, Newtown,, and Aurora. Failed FBI plots like the 2003 WTC Bombing.. And simple assassinations like in Waco, or of Christopher Dorner, or as it appears Michael Hastings.

Add in the fact that as Hillary the lying snake of a bitch Clinton admitted, we CREATED Al’Qaeda to bring Russia into a Vietnam like war in Afghanistan that they had no way to win, during the cold war. The same group who allegedly pulled off 9/11. The same group who we as nation have had our liberties scaled back or removed because of. The same group that was protecting our so called embassy at Benghazi. The same group that we used in Libya. And the same group we are currently using in Syria despite the fact that they get their kicks off by slaughtering whole villages of Christians and enjoy sending children to war.

But ‘We The People’ are the terrorists?
Ha! It seems like our government are the ones that need to be wire tapped and detained indefinitely under NDAA. If not charged with treason against the constitution of the United States of America.


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