What The Hell Is Wrong With People!?!

This is sheer insanity!

Apparently Melissa Harris-Perry thinks that wholesale murder is a good thing to do. Oh wait I forgot. It’s not murder. It’s not infanticide it’s fourth trimester abortion or post birth abortion.

Besides the symantix ( abortion means aborting a birth, and trimester means 3 months so I’m not sure where the 4 comes into play?) I don’t understand how people can be so completely cruel and just plain EVIL. That’s what it takes to hold a baby, a living and breathing and healthy baby and decide to end it’s life. Not an unborn baby without a heartbeat or brain activity. But a child that has been carried and nurtured for 9 months and then born into this world.

To think that condoning infanticide is now a popular talking point amongst the mainstream media makes me sick. If I never had a reason to not watch the crap these media liars spew, I do now.

While I wholeheartedly stand by Harris-Perry’s freedom to believe whatever the hell she wants, I can’t help but think why she still has a job? Paula Dean lost everything because she uttered a derogatory term 20 years ago in a much different southern time. Yet, condoning and endorsing the MURDER of innocent children is good news?

I’m going to go throw up now.


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