The Red Line of Syria

So we are going to bombard Syria. Escalating middle east tensions, possibly forcing Russia and China to take counter measures that could actually lead to world war 3. Why?

Because Assad used chemical weapons, crossing O-bomb-ya’s red line?

Really? Ignoring the fact that Assad IS winning the war against the rebels and that using chemical weapons would only make it that much harder for him to retain power, Why is our president so mad about chemical weapons now. When our military is guilty of breaking the Geneva convention rules multiple times since the treaty was signed. As well as our allies in Isreal and the UK. Read this to realize the hypocrisy of our leaders.

Furthermore, why is our Congress allowing this asshole in the oval office to declare war on a sovereign nation? Constitutionally, it is the Congress that has the power to declare war not the president. It was written and created this way to prevent scenarios just like we are experiencing today from happening.

Granted this country is NOT a true democracy, but a Democratic republic. The federal government is filled with representatives, who are there to represent the will of the people. And since only 9% of the population agree with O-bomb-ya’s plan to start world war 3, that leaves an OVERWHELMING 91% of us that want these wars to stop.

So I ask, where is the Senate’s red line? When are our ‘representatives’ going to realize that the red line they should have has been crossed years ago?
When are the American people, WE THE PEOPLE, going to wake up and realize that the traitors in DC don’t give a rat’s ass about us?

When are WE THE PEOPLE going to say, Congress has crossed our red line?