JustinWatch “Robert Welch in 1958 predicting criminal insider plans” on YouTube

So back in 1958 this man predicted the course the downfall of this country would take. Miraculously, every single one of his predictions have come true. Take a blast into the past and open your eyes to the future.
We are becoming a communist state. Our federal government is grabbing power in ever increasing chunks. Worse is they are doing it faster and faster.
We don’t have much time people. Wake up!


To the People of Chicago

Dear Chicago residents. Guess what? It is high time you all became political activists. Your local and state leaders have allowed all of you to become victims. No they have forced all of you to become victims. They have ILLEGALLY disposed of your 2nd amendment rights of self preservation.  You have become nothing more than fodder for the criminal element. The very laws you blindly obey to ‘protect you’ have done nothing more than turn you into targets for the criminals to shoot at at will.
Take back your rights people. Get a weapon. Shoot a few bad guys in self defence. I promise you crime will go down. You will be safer and more secure. Not overnight. But in time. As word spreads that you have the ability to hurt the criminals as much as they hurt you, they will stop.
And if you are worried about being arrested just ask yourself, how many of the near 1000 murders actually have arrests? Would you rather be in jail or dead?
It is the right of every citizen to challenge bad laws. It is the DUTY of the citizens of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA to ignore illegal and harmful laws that place the good of our corrupt establishments ahead of our right to self preservation.
Do something Chicago. Stand up for yourselves. The government can’t protect you. All they can do is scoop your remains into a body bag.

How to spot a false flag

So another school shooting occurred today. This time in Nevada. Read this.
So how cone Obombya hasn’t had a press conference about this?
In the case of sandy hoax and Boston farce and navy yard set up, obombya and his minions of the presstitute have been on TV nationally before events finished unfolding.
In this case nothing.
Could it be that in the 3 examples I listed, the powers that be a forewarned knowledge of the events. They had time to prepare the story, set up the videos. Speeches written in advance.
In this case I had to actively search out the event.
This wasn’t part of the administrations agenda. It’s why only 2 people died.