LAX shooting fake?

Update: Two things I’d like to comment on. 1) Ciancia the alleged shooter is in critical condition and unable to speak. Granted he was shot, but if you remember the Boston marathon, videos emerged where after tsaernov, who was ‘shot’ while in the boat, crawled out he was tackled and it appeared as if the police gave him a tracheotomy. Leaving him unable to speak. And no I do not believe he did it.
2) There are cameras all over airports. Where is the video of ciancia on his ‘rampage’?

Here we go again. Another horrible shooting proving that Americans can’t be trusted with weapons. And just like so many of the latest so called mass shootings, this one looks like it was staged.

At first, the suspect was an off duty TSA agent. Then he wasn’t. Then he had a hand written note explaining that he wanted to kill some pigs and some anti government sentiments. And of course he used the despicable AR-15 rifle. Or did he….

Listen to this guy describe the shooter. Notice the size of the perpetrator as being larger than the witness. Using a hand gun and shotgun. Dressed as a TSA agent.

Towards the end of this article friends, roommates, neighbors describe a quiet and timid person.

This video clearly shows something amiss. The guy being pushed in a wheelchair doesn’t even look human. More like a crash test dummy. And even more damning, in EVERY single major terror event in the past 3 years, a training exercise about the exact same scenario was either being performed at or near the same time. 3 weeks in this case.

TSA has been wanting to be armed for awhile now. Despite a large number of complaints against them. This not including sexual assault complaints from ridiculously invasive hands-on and in pat downs or cancer causing see-all full body screenings. And of course the questionable hiring practices of an agency with next to zero accountability.

The whole shooting stinks to me of an event being used to pass an agenda. Like Rahm Emanuel always said, never let a crises go to waste.


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