Watch “Building 7: Controlled Demolition” on YouTube

So I’ve had this argument with people who believe that 9/11 happened according to the official story.

3 buildings fell that day. Only 2 were hit by planes. The 3rd was a reinforced skyscraper designed to withstand more punishment than a normal building. Why? Because it was a government building. It contained a bunch of government records and departments.

The story is that the building fell due to a couple small fires and from getting hit with some falling debris.

The fire is complete crap, as there have been at least 2 skyscrapers that have fought fire since. They are both still standing.

The debris theory is also crap as any falling debris would have knocked into the top of the building.

No, building 7 fell starting at the bottom. Watch below the side by side comparisons of building 7 on the left and controlled demolitioned buildings on the right.


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