Lloyd Pye/Starchild/Aliens/Cryptozoology

This page is dedicated to my fascination with all things alien and bizaar. I do believe in UFO’s and life on other planets. I think there is strong evidence to support alien visitation.
When it comes to this topic I try to keep an open but critical mind. I am however a geek at heart.
Again, let me know what you think constructively. Trolls be damned to the sarlac pit for eternity.

First is a video called Starchild Skull for Dummies. This is a great, quick introduction to what I feel is a fascinating subject.

If that last video interests you, then watch the expanded Starchild Shull – New Evidence. I have a curiosity for things like this so am prone to believe it. Let me know what you think.

Finally we have this little gem, everything you know is wrong. This takes a little bit more open mindedness. Just watch it and think about it.

For more information on all of this check out Lloyd Pye’s webpage here.


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