Music I Like

Music has always been inspirational to me. It is something that I enjoy immensely. I have no ability myself but listening. So I figured I would start a separate page just for it.

The following are songs that I like. This isn’t a top ten list. No real order to it. Some of these I have been listening to for years, while others are recent favorites. Enjoy!

I absolutely fell in love with this song when I heard it in Pandora. It’s fast and catchy, and maybe a little more pop/punk than I’m used to but I really like her voice and the way she puts her words together. Harmony? While not necessarily a ‘Christian’ band, elements of their beliefs can be found sprinkled throughout. I highly recommend this one.

Icon For Hire – Get Well

This song is a newbie. Heard it and fell in love with it. It’s different from most of the stuff I listen to, and yet at the same time, it contains familiar elements. The band plays a mix of a ton of different styles, from symphonic metal to traditional Celtic. It’s not for everyone but it never hurts to broaden horizons once in awhile.

Todesbonden – Surrender to the Sea


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