Patriot Pages

The following are people who I feel embrace the definition of patriot. These are people who are standing up for our rights. Most are trying to educate the masses. Some are serious, some use sarcasm and wit. The common denominator for all of them is they are willing to speak out.

From lawyers to cowboys, as this list grows it will become apparent that those of us who value freedom aren’t the aluminum hat wearing conspiracy theorists that the presstitutes in the mainstream media would have you believe. (Though there are a few of them!)

For now I will offer a sample of their messages. Hopefully soon I will be able to offer full interviews. This is a work in progress and will most likely move to a dedicated website in the future. Until then, listen, think and learn.

First we have Mr. Colion Noir. He is a huge 2nd amendment advocate. He’s also a lawyer. He combines wit, sarcasm and plain common sense in his rants concerning the raping of the 2nd amendment. Listen to what he says. It makes more common sense then anything our congress does. Check him out at

Next is JosietheOutlaw. She is starting out but is a very powerful speaker. Her webpage is under construction, but her message is true.


Ronald G. Solters.
I don’t know much about him to be honest. I know he is a veteran of either Nam or Korea. Not sure which. I have read his discourses over at the Continental Congress Page and I agree with him. While he doesn’t have a YouTube video for me to post I have permission to post his work. So click over to his page and read what he has to say.


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