Ronald G Solters


It Sunday evening and I am sitting here wondering what is in for us this coming new year. What I mean is what have the traitors in this country concocted for us in 2014? Let’s see; they are spending us into endless ruin, trying to give illegal aliens amnesty, some 30 million! Oh yes and let’s not forget the absolute destruction of our Amerikan birthrights which were fought over by our forefathers with blood, guts and bodyparts. There are some in this culture who are in the majority and still are considered a “minority”. There are those in this country who believe they are truly a ruling class where the laws pertain to us and not them. There are those in this country who would gladly give up their freedom for the appearance of security. There are those who think they are always right when it comes to making decisions for us, stripping away any semblance of individuality. There are those who gladly engage in lawsuit litigation as a way of life instead of contributing to a great society. There are those who think we owe them something because of race, creed, or national origin. There are those who enjoy the status of “protected classes, further negating being a productive human being. There are those who have political set asides, giving them and unfair advantage of competition, and not relying on their own talents and abilities, but rather working on the the “devide and conquer” mantra of the do nothings. Than there are those who think the world owes them something because of their magnificant presence on this earth and continue to have children, not out of love, but borne out of financial gain. But alas, there are those of us who are not afraid to confront the truth and make it relevant. We are sick and tired of the status quo, the indifference, and the self-centerdness now pervading this country. To you all who wish to ruin this country with your arrogance and lack of morals; I say to you; Can you really look at yourself in the mirror and see what is really there? Can you face what you have become and what you have allowed to happen? Are you happy with 20,000 small businesses closing up every month here in Amerika? Would you like to see in your crystal ball what your future is under this tyranny? No money, no future. Only despair while the one percent is living it up courtesy of your salve labor to them and you absolute reluctance to see reality. I hope you can accept the fate they have waiting for you, your children and your children’s children. You made all that possible and when you had the chance to do something about it you’d rather be partying, watching the games or sleeping on the couch eating and poisoning yourself with the GMO foods they prepared for you ensuring your guarantee of getting cancer, dementia, alzheimers, and more. To all you who love freedom I salute you. For all the rest, You don’t even have my pity…..over and out….Ronn


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